Top facts you need to know about Sciatica treatment

You may not be aware how common Sciatica is. Nearly 15%-40% people suffer from Sciatica at some point of time. The epidemic is global which impedes your ability to perform. It hampers productivity we may say in a way. When one suffers from Sciatica, one feels a sort of tingling sensation in the body and the pain can be numbing. It can prevent you from doing the most basic things. Although it is not fatal, the pain is really disturbing. Starting from the lower back, the pain travels to the legs and ankles. From the buttock, it travels to the large sciatic nerve at the back of legs and ankles. It leads to really painful situation for old people. Old people do complain that they can feel a constant pain on their back and legs. So, what they need is effective Sciatica treatment. Some people feel pain on one leg while others feel on both.

There are various treatment options for Sciatica and proper rest is one of them. The condition is characterized by constant pain on the buttock which keeps on escalating. If the one suffering from Sciatica sits for the whole day in one posture, the pain further escalates. The person can even experience tingling or burning sensation while the doctors call it as severe Sciatica. Something needs to be done immediately or else it can be debilitating.

Over-the-counter medicines and drugs can help 

Whether you are looking for rheumatoid arthritis treatment or treatment for Sciatica, the doctor can prescribe you certain over-the-counter drugs for pain management and control. There are anti-inflammatory and non-steroidal drugs available that help in pain relief. You need to take those medicines and go for complete bed rest. If the case is severe, the doctor can also prescribe you certain muscle-relaxant drugs.

Injecting epidural steroid

Epidural steroid injection may give relief from pain. At times, the doctors recommend the injection along with the use of cortisone and similar drugs. All such drugs will be directly injected on the spot or the problem area. To gain temporary relief from Sciatica, Cortisone may be prescribed along with proper rest and relaxation. It may either give temporary relief or might also reverse Sciatica completely. Just after one single shot, you will experience pain relief. In some cases, the person may need a series of shots or treatments.

Physical therapy can help

Physical therapy is an effective treatment for Sciatica pain. It includes treatment options like chiropractic therapy, acupuncture treatment and even massage therapy. When all these treatments are combined, what you have is complete control over the condition. Look for the best physical therapist who can proceed in a step-by-step manner. He should pick up one treatment at a time. A physical therapist might also ask you to take short walks, rest from time to time and apply some ointments or take massages. He will also suggest you stretching exercises to keep you fit and healthy. For any Sciatica patient, it is mandatory to stay active.

Heat and cold therapy

Apply ice pack followed by using heat therapy to gain quick relief from pain. This sort of treatment is safe without any side effects. Heat and cold therapy is also an effective osteoarthritis treatment.

If the pain lasts for more than 3-4 months while none of the treatment options work for you, undergo a surgery to gain relief. This is the last treatment option you can adopt.

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