Steroids And Bodybuilding

It is usually said that one cannot value place on one’s health and this is true indeed. It is because it is our health that defines the quality of life that we live. However, we as humans are seen to be habitual of making foolish decision throughout the course of our lives and one such example is usage of anabolic steroids for the bodybuilding.

No doubt, steroids give a beautiful and toned body with the most wanted curves and positions in no time. At the same time, it needs to be understood that these are manmade synthetic steroids that can never be as effective as natural ways of bodybuilding. Natural bodybuilding ways are the ones that require one to eat healthy and required nutrients along with the recommended exercise sessions. No doubt, following a proper nutritious diet paired with supervised workouts session are the main ingredients of bodybuilding in a natural manner. Using steroids on the other hand for long term leads to several health issues. Some of these are listed below:

Judgement impairment:

With the usage of steroids, users get more aggressive, impulsive, and short tempered. They are in need of constant stimulation which means that they get addicted to these steroids. Under such circumstances they look for the next dosage and so on. In desperation, they do not even look for the sterilized needles and equipment. This all actually pushes the steroids users to be more vulnerable to diseases and infections. Liver toxicity is also one of the side affect of Steroids, you should protect your liver during steroids cycle.

Immune system impairment:

If you have never studied physiology or medicine, immune system can simply be defined as defense system of the body or its police. White blood cells are responsible for patrolling the body. They look for the infections and neutralize them. So when police reduces the number of crimes increase. Same is the case when number of white blood cells is reduced in the body.

Intravenous drug infection:

Most of the times steroids are injected intravenous. It exposes the user to threat. As you never know if the needle was sterilized or not. It is prone to infections that can be fatal as well. It is perfect way of injecting the infections directly. This includes the infection of HIV i.e. AIDS.

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