Shine A Light On The Potential Of Your Smile Through A Dentist In Kings Hill

Your smile is the very first thing that people notice when you meet them. It is what you present to the world on a daily basis and plays a vital role in almost all social situations and connections. Everybody has one, and everybody ought to let it shine. Although, as is the case with most aspects of our bodies, there are things about our smiles that many of us often wish could be different. By making the most subtle alteration to your smile, through a dentist in Kings Hill, an almost immediate alteration in the way you are viewed typically follows.

Let in the brightness

One of the most impactful, and fastest-to-achieve alterations which can easily be made to your smile through seeking out the cosmetic aid of a trusted dental practitioner, is cosmetic teeth whitening. Procedures such as Zoom whitening, allow patients to visibly brighten their teeth in as short a time frame as just an hour. Whilst this is not a permanent procedure, the visible impact of this form of whitening is transformative on the whiteness of a patient’s teeth and can  positively impact their self-esteem and reception in the eyes of others. Zoom whitening works through the application of a specialised, dentally verified peroxide-whitening gel directly to the front of a patient’s teeth. Prior to undergoing this treatment, a custom-built retainer is formed from an impression of the patient’s teeth. This allows for the whitening to cover all of their teeth and not leave darker strips which are common side effects of unverified home-whitening kits purchased over the internet.

What causes tooth discolouration?

There are several factors which may cause the enamel on your tooth to become dulled, marked or more yellow. The enamel is the strongest part of your body, but certain lifestyle choices such as smoking, chewing tobacco or drinking deeply-coloured fluids such as black coffee or tea, or red wine, can cause the enamel to become stained over time. Additionally, as cruel as it may be, yellowing of the enamel is a natural by-product of getting older, despite how rigorous or regularly people brush. This may cause the self-esteem of patients to be knocked, and therefore spur them on to seek out whitening treatments.

How does Zoom whitening work?

The Zoom whitening process uses proprietary whitening technology to increase the brightness of a patient’s teeth by up to eight shades. After a custom-made retainer has been created, a special hydrogen-peroxide gel is placed within the retainer and fitted over the patient’s teeth, whilst they relax within a comfortable dentist chair. Then a UV lamp is shone onto the retainer, which begins to break down the hydrogen-peroxide. As it is broken down, oxygen enters the surface layer of the patient’s tooth (enamel) and below into the dentine. This oxygen causes the colour of the tooth to become visibly brighter as any discolouration is eaten away – without causing any harm to the tooth’s structure. After an hour or so, the patient’s smile will be visibly brighter. There are also additional home-whitening kits which the patient can take away with them to keep their teeth their preferred shade of white.