Quotes for Medicare Supplement Plans in Dunedin Florida

Assembled below is a list of the best Medicare Supplement insurance in Dunedin, Florida. The premium prices we included are based off of generic rate determining factors. Depending on your situation, the premiums could be less or more depending on your age, exact location and gender.

Rates for the Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Dunedin Florida

Please note that Medicare Supplements and Medigap Plans are the same exact thing. We include premium rates for Plan G, F & high deductible Plan F.

Plan G Rates:

Medigap Plan G benefits include coverage for skilled nursing facility care, deductible for Part A, coverage for any excess charges that fall under Part B and Medicare coverage overseas.

Assuming the most affordable option is the one with the cheapest premium is not always true.

There are three types of pricing methods a carrier can use to rate your premium.

For example, an attained age rated Medigap plan may cost less if purchased at a younger age, but will increase as you get older.

Causing you to end up paying more in the long run compared to a carrier that used a different rating method.

Plan F Rates:

Plan F rates are a little higher than Plan G because it includes the last benefit option.

The last benefit is coverage for your Part B deductible.

This is the most common choice among Medicare recipients because they are worry free when it comes to their healthcare coverage.

Unfortunately, some beneficiaries with a limited income can’t afford Medicare Part F.

A good alternative is this plan is the high deductible version of Plan F.

Medicare Supplement High deductible Plan F has all the same benefits as the “regular” Plan F.

The difference is the coverage does not kick in until you paid the full deductible amount.

High Deductible Plan F Rates:

As you can see, the deductible is significantly lower for this letter plan. It’s great for those with a limited income.

It’s also great for those who want the extra protection, but feel they’re healthy and won’t be going to the doctors office much.