How Coolsculpting Can Alter The Chin

Although not an area that people tend to talk about and in fact most tend not to notice at all, the chin plays an important role in our ability to look beautiful.

For example, in men having a strong, defined and chiselled chin is a very masculine and attractive quality, whilst for women it’s more about balance and symmetry which plays into this next point. There are many different secrets to beauty, but one of the main ones is balance. Improving the symmetry of the face through cooled contouring by a cosmetic skin clinic is a great place to start when changing your look; and there are many potential patients out there wondering: ‘Is there a clinic providing CoolSculpting near me?’

What is this treatment?

This cryogenic option of treatment involves cooling down fat cells in targeted areas of your body, with the goal of contouring these areas into a tighter, more attractive shape. It manages this by essentially lowering the temperature of fat cells to the point where they become inert or dead, then your body naturally reabsorbs and breaks them down via the lymphatic system.

Mainly used to help with pockets of fat around the waistline and sides, the back, thighs and upper arms, it can also provide a tighter, more youthful appearance when applied under the chin.

How does it even out the face?

As mentioned before, balance is often seen as one of the key attractive features of a face. With this contouring technique a clinic team would be able to remove the fat from your chin into a more sculpted and defined jawline by essentially reducing the appearance of a ‘double-chin as the fat is reduced over time.

This definition should then serve to highlight the face by making the chin seem more pronounced than your other features.

Is there any risk involved?

This unique freezing treatment was FDA approved in 2015 for use and is completely non-invasive. The only thing that patients may encounter is a cold or numb feeling on the skin, but this normally fades over time as your skin naturally starts to heat back up to normal body temperature.

Is the freezing complicated?

One of the key points of popularity with this technique is how simple it is, the practitioner basically places the part of the body that you want to contour, in this case the chin, between two cooling pads to lower your body fat’s temperature.

That’s about as complicated as it gets and this simplicity is arguably part of what makes it so popular. It also allows those with a busy schedule to fit in a session before going back to work or other activities they may have planned as the recovery time is relatively short.

These are just a few interesting facts about the contouring process and how a clinic providing this treatment can help you smooth out your chin and add new definition. Getting that balanced look may seem difficult, but using this unique freezing method may be a great way to shift those stubborn pockets of fat.

For further information, try consulting your local cosmetic skin clinic.