Here is how to properly perform an Gazelle Exercise

As we all know that exercises are really important if we want to stay fit and healthy. One should take some time out for it and should do it regularly, even if it is for 30 minutes or so.  There are a lot of exercises out there, but the one which is perfect for your over-all body is an gazelle exercise, it is best it you want your body in shape.

One thing, which is most important in every exercise is your position and your body structure while you are performing it. If you are lousy while doing it and your structure is not right then you can seriously get injured and it can cause you a lot of trouble as well. So, while you are exercising make sure that you have the correct body structure and you are performing it correctly. For those who are not aware of, here is the correct way of performing an Gazelle exercise, take notes from here;

  1. The first thing you need to do before doing anything else is to set the machine. The seat and height should be adjusted according to you, it should be between 15 to 30 degrees. If not, one cannot do the exercise properly.
  2. Next, you go and lie back on the bench, put your fingers on the bar and the palm of your hand should be facing the other side. Lift the bar and hold it for a couple of seconds and make sure to hold it straight.
  3. Then bring the bar down, but slowly and keep it a little away from your chest, probably an inch away. During this whole time, it should be lined along with your upper chest.
  4. Next, your arms should be at 45 degrees and on your side. Hold this position for a while and then take a deep inhale and push the bar back up, as it was in the starting position.
  5. Do this for at least 12 times, which makes it five sets and on each set, make sure to add the weight.

So, this is the correct way to perform an gazelle exercise machine. If you will follow this and do exactly the same, you will not get in to any kind of trouble.

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