Five Tips to Get Your Splits

The splits are by far considered one of the most popular stretches to attain because of the incredible work and development required to achieve this specific stretch. Getting your splits is an incredible achievement and one that could take weeks, months, or even several years depending on your current mobility. The key is to know how to approach your stretching sessions as effectively as possible and know what your goals are. Use these five tips to get a better handle on your splits.

A Strong Warmup and Cool Down

It’s important to have a strong warmup and cool down of your entire routine. You want to be warmed up before you jump in to stretches that push your body’s boundaries. The key to a good warmup is to do some jogging in place, twisting of the upper body, slight cardio, and then circular movements of every joint in your body. You want to feel loose and free.

Have a Routine

It’s vital to have a routine to follow that focuses specifically on the splits. This could start off by touching your toes, opening your legs wide apart, doing the butterfly stretch, and then doing the pigeon stretch, and so forth. Having a routine is vital to experiencing growth and further development. Plenty of YouTube videos are easy enough to follow to focus on achieving your splits. A StretchCoach is a great professional to have that provides incredible resources for attaining serious flexibility and getting your body to where you want it to be.

Train through Yoga

There are a wide range of Yoga poses that aim to improve split stretches. The most important thing is also to utilize full routines that aren’t even specific to splits because of how powerful they can be for strengthening the entire body. You want to achieve flexibility and strength in all areas and not just your legs.

Strength Training

It makes sense to do strength training because it can keep your movements strong and capable of the splits. While it’s smart to keep it light, it’s highly recommended to consider doing squats and other forms of strength training to get the blood flowing. Just be sure to stretch beforehand and afterwards for that strong stretch.

Consistency with Stretching

The main goal is consistency for yourself if you want to see those spits come in. If you are inconsistent and you only work on them occasionally, then you won’t see results. Be consistent with a routine to follow at least four to five days a week, and then be sure to do some light stretching throughout the day to help maintain being limber and loose.

Getting the splits takes work, patience, and serious consistency for seeing results. The splits require strength and work consistently to see them come through. These tips, however, are your stepping stone to seeing those splits become more of a reality for you. Your body will eventually adapt to the movement and you will have your splits in no time.