Do Tooth Fillings Last Forever?

There are many steps you need to go through to get a filling. There’s the anesthesia which you need to numb the tooth that’s being worked on, the removal of decay which is when the dentist typically uses that whining drill, then the bonding, possible resin application, and final polishing.

After it’s all complete, you have a new tooth filling. But will it last forever or is this a procedure you’re going to need have done again at some point in the future?

Unfortunately, nothing really lasts forever including tooth fillings. But depending on what type of material your dentist uses in your dental fillings, you can rely on these temporary restorations for many years to come.

Wear and Tear

Consider the job your dental fillings are designed to perform. Your dentist will fill a cavity with material as a way to bolster the structural integrity of the tooth that has been lost due to decay. But after the tooth is filled, it must then continue to do everything that you expect. For starters, chewing. Teeth crunch, gnash, bite, crush, and chomp, and each and every time they do you’re putting many pounds of stress on your fillings.

What about drinking? That doesn’t require you to bite down or chew but there are many potentially harmful ingredients in different beverages, all of which could contribute to wearing down the tooth and the filling within. Acids and sugars are just two of these potentially damaging impacts that will slosh past your teeth when you drink.

Let’s not forget about the jaw clenching and teeth grinding that many of us do in our sleep or when we’re awake and we just don’t realize we’re doing it. Your teeth go a whole lot and that exposes your fillings to the same levels of wear and tear.

Potential Damage

Over time, you may or may not feel a filling starting to come loose. But the wear and tear is slowly eroding those fillings with tiny chips, cracks, and thinning of the surface that could result in very tiny gaps emerging. This could offer food particles a way to sneak through and give way to decay and bacteria.

Once this bacteria and decay start to take under and around the worn down filling, this is not something you can eradicate with the use of a good old fashioned toothbrush. If that stuff gets in and goes unaddressed by your dentist, you could be looking at root canal sooner than later.

Routine Appointments

In order to determine if your fillings are in good condition, it’s important to schedule routine dental visits with Russo Dentistry Raleigh NC. Regular checkups can help to locate any weaknesses or vulnerabilities in the fillings so these may be repaired as soon as possible. The sooner you deal with the problem, the less damaging it can become to your filling and tooth later on.

These checkups can also determine whether or not it’s time to replace the filling entirely. You may not be able to ascertain if there’s a problem, but a routine checkup can be very beneficial in helping to decide if the filling is no longer serving its function properly.