Best way to do the Bench Press Exercise

The bench press is strength training equipment in which individual lie down and lifts the weight. Different type of exercises can be done on bench press like chest muscles, biceps and triceps .Bench press is also used to build up shoulder muscles .Bench press exercises can be done with barbells and dumbbells. Different variations of exercises can be done by focusing the targeted area. Incline bench press and decline bench press can be used to initiate growth of the upper body like chest and shoulder muscles.

Bench press exercises are really effective and it shows faster effect than other exercises. To get to know the up notch information about bench press exercises and other related information visit

Following are the step and tips to perform this exercise properly to get the desired results.

Starting the Bench Press Exercise

If you are a beginner and starting your gym routine than consult an instructor before starting this exercise he’ll guide you about the type of exercise and instruct you about the weight lifting according to your body type..

  • Analyze what equipment you will use for the workout and if you are using barbell then adjust the weight. Lie down on the bench and then hold the barbell uptight and try to lift it up.
  • Hold the bar with the thumb and then place the hand on it. During the exercise arms should be wide apart so that it can hold the bar and equalize the weight.
  • While lifting the bar your hand, hip legs should be steady. And your back should be kept straight on the surface of the bench and feet should be steady and kept wide apart on the floor.
  • Try to start the exercise from less weight just to warm up the body and then move to the heavy weight.

Exercise Movement

Exercise on Bench Press have specialized movements. Firstly remove the bar from the lock and then place the thumb on the lock making a outward fist holding the bar then lift up the bar above the chest area.

  • During the exercise remember to take deep breaths and hold the bar with wide extended arms. During the exercise main focus should be ceiling in which the bar should be directed.
  • Return the bar to the starting chest point and then lift it up to the ceiling and thus repeat the process.
  • If you have a concern about shoulder health then don’t lower down the bar to the shoulder level.
  • After finishing the exercise place the bar again on the handle and lock it.