Benefits of NLP for physical and mental health

Benefits of NLP for physical and mental health

It is no secret that our mental and physical health are closely linked. Therefore, from the strategies presented by NLP therapy we can reorient our way of seeing things and improve our well-being at all levels.

Objectives of Neurolinguistic Programming

If we affirm that NLP can bring us benefits in different aspects of our lives, it is because its objectives are oriented in that direction:

  1. On the one hand, NLP aims to help people get out of situations that apparently have no way out, that is, help them transform the environment into decision variables. In this way they will be able to correct their cognitive representations, making them more useful and closer to reality and expanding their possibilities of choice in life. The concrete cognitive corrections that have been mentioned have to do with the certain situations or problems that people face, that is, the use of an adequate cognitive control of the behavior and its application will make them achieve their goal. Therefore, this objective tries to correct the difficulties that exist in people and the difficulties with which they can be found in the future.
  2. On the other hand, it also affects the skills and effective behavior strategies observed in certain people. It is therefore necessary that they decompose in a sequence, so that they can observe and thus can move such a sequence to others, i.e., to learn the pattern of skills excellence that some people so that others learn them and can get your goals. Otherwise, under this second objective it is to note that when a person has developed an effective strategy in a given area, it can be transferred to another context of his life.

After all, NLP seeks to expand people’s choice, by acquiring new skills and correcting problems that may arise.

Gain self-confidence

In order to take this path of new competences and better decisions, which can revert in a better mental and physical health, it is very important to start by reinforcing our self-esteem.

Self-esteem is based on respect for one’s own person with his strengths, weaknesses and abilities. It is a feeling related to personal worth, that is, having a meaning and being valuable. Self-confidence is important, because who can trust in himself, rests in himself, is satisfied with his life and is happy. Some people complain of lack of self-confidence, self-esteem, sense of worth and security.

Each person has the necessary forces, all the resources available to a person are composed of the sum of the elements that underlie the experiences: perceptions. Thus, there are people who think that they do not have enough patience, but who can say that never, at any time, and for no second, has such a resource been available? Each person carries with them the resources, what happens is that he does not perceive them. Almost everyone has ever experienced how in an extreme situation or under great pressure they have had unknown strengths and abilities. What is involved now is to be able to make the most of personal resources without waiting for these extreme situations to appear.