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Clear Options, Clear Solutions

When choosing clear braces in Clapham as a means to discreetly straighten teeth and realign the jaw, patients can enjoy the journey that they are embarking on towards a healthier and more beautiful smile.

It is important to feel confident throughout the entire procedure, and this is why dentists have taken a lot of time developing different solutions to suit the differing needs of their patients.  Whether one is a student or a professional working adult, the desire to discreetly straighten teeth is common.

Straightening teeth can be done using two general methods.  With a traditional fixed device, or a removable device that is growing in popularity over the years.  Both are very effective in correcting a smile, however; one option can be preferred over the other in certain situations.

A dentist will discuss with their patient what option they believe will be suitable.  By taking into account all factors for their patient, which include time frame, lifestyle choices and budget, a dentist will help their patient to determine what results can be expected from the different options available, and what the best outcome is likely to be.

By making an informed decision, patients can expect to see the results that they are looking for.

What are the different options here?

A clear, fixed device consists of clear brackets and white wires which are attached to teeth much like traditional braces are.  Otherwise known as ceramic braces, they are very beneficial for those patients who have complex issues regarding the alignment of the teeth and jaw as the dentist is able to have more control over the manipulation of the teeth.

These patients who have more severe misalignments will generally be able to see better results if they choose a fixed device in order to perfect their smile.

A removable device is suited to those people who have mild to moderate misalignments. Commonly thought of as more cosmetic, a removable device does wonders in improving the overall health of a person’s mouth and should be considered essential for the improvement in oral hygiene, health and wellbeing.

Clear, removable aligners are popular amongst adults and teenagers alike. There are several different systems in place which can reduce costs by streamlining the treatment process to suit the individual.

The general process remains the same.  A person must wear their aligners for twenty or more hours each day, being able to remove them for eating.  Every two weeks, a new aligner is to be worn as teeth are gradually pushed to the correct alignment.

The magic behind this treatment system is the innovative scanning software, which can track the way in which teeth should be moved.  This software can build the aligners, meaning that there is little need for a dentist to do much more than monitor the change in a person’s smile over the coming months.

A great option for busy professionals who cannot afford to spend hours in a dental chair every few weeks, these clear, removable options give freedom back to the individual and let them enjoy their teeth straightening journey even more.