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4 myths about female condoms busted!

Do you have the right information about female condoms, or are you labouring under certain delusions? We set the record straight.

Sex is an integral part of any healthy relationship between consenting adults. It brings you closer to your partner and helps you bond in unspoken ways.

But you could be misled about many sexual matters, and the use of condoms is a major area of concern for most couples. In recent years, there has been a steady rise in the use of female condoms, but many women (and men) believe many myths about them. Just like the male condom, the female condom is a contraceptive barrier method. It is worn inside the vagina by the woman before sex, and it has a ring that lies flush with the labial lips. After use, the condom is simply pulled out of the body, wrapped in a tissue paper and thrown away.

#1 It is not effective in preventing pregnancy.

The whole point of a condom, whether of a male or female variety, is to prevent an unwanted pregnancy and the spread of STIs and STDs. A female condom is designed to hold the semen inside itself and not allow it to come in contact with genital fluids, the cervix of the uterus. Thus, pregnancy is prevented automatically. At the same time, it must be noted that the female condom is slightly less effective than the male condom in preventing unwanted pregnancies.

#2 It makes you loose ‘down there’.

This is an absurd myth to harbour! The female condom is thin and the sheath does not stretch the vagina at all. Once worn, you can hardly even feel it. Thus, the female condom is hardly likely to have any effect on vaginal tightness. You can safely use it every time for sex, while making sure to use a fresh one for every new sexual encounter.

#3 It lessens your pleasure during sex

No, it does not. Female condoms manufactured by leading brands in India are super thin while being quite sturdy. Thus, your pleasure in the act is not lessened in any way, nor is your safety during sex. Of course, the male partner will certainly feel it during sex, but it will not reduce his pleasure in any way either. The condom is quite stretchable but may tear with rough sex.

#4 It cannot be worn for long.

A female condom is worn quite differently from a male condom. While the male condom must be worn on an erect penis and discarded immediately after ejaculation, the female condom can be inserted about a couple of hours before intercourse. You don’t need to remove it from the body and throw it away right after ejaculation either, though it is recommended that you do and wash up as well. The female condom does not lose elasticity if worn before intercourse begins.