What attitude would you use to face death?

Test Guide:

Each person’s life path is different, but the end result is the same, that is death. No matter the length of life, everyone inevitably faces death. Is death most afraid to encounter? When death comes, how will you face it? So let’s test that out.

Begin the Test:

A small river passes through the picturesque mountain village without a bridge. If you were to build a bridge up here, where would you want to build the bridge?

  1. Where the water flows very gently
  2. Where the water flows relative gently
  3. The current is a bit turbulent
  4. The current is a strong turbulent

Test Result:

Choose A:You are passionate about life and vitality. You rarely think of the problem of death. Even if you have to face death, you will have a strong will to survive, and you will overcome the difficulties with strong willpower.

Choose B:You rarely think about death unless you see a loved one or a friend leaving, and you fear death. But after all this, you will cherish your life more and live each day of your life seriously.

Choose C:You are a little bit anxious, you will always think of death, think of the end of your life. You always feel that people are not easy to live in the world, the natural and man-made disasters can always take the lives of people, every time you think of these you are always not cold and nest, always feel uneasy. You don’t want to think too much about life. It’s the joy of living that counts.

Choose D: You have a deep fear of death. You always feel that death is not far from you. Perhaps because of the death of a loved one or a friend, death has left a lingering shadow in your heart.