Do You Manage A Property And Need Some Help With Fire Safety? Five Tips To Keep Your Tenants Safe

Are you a property manager in the UK? Are you finding fire compliance a bit of a maze?

You aren’t alone! While there is an obvious benefit to fire safety compliance in residential properties, it can be a bit difficult to ensure that the building you manage is up to safety codes.

Unless you have worked for the fire brigade or have been a member of a contracted safety group, how do you know that you are keeping the tenants in your property safe?

While it can be a minefield to navigate this kind of legislation alone, you have the option of hiring an electrical contractor, who can ensure that your rental property is up to code with fire safety. Talk about taking a load off!

Yes, in the UK, there are many electrical contractors, like MM Electrical in London, who can assess your property and determine if it is safe for habitation. This can provide you with security too.

But what are some of the things that your property is going to be assessed for by one of these contractors? Read on to find out!

Smoke detector and alarms

First and foremost, the absolute necessities in any residential property are a smoke detector and a smoke alarm; if the property you manage is missing either of these, a contractor like MM Electrical from London will give you the lecture of a lifetime!

The need for both of these is obvious; to alert tenants of a fire in their property, so they can evacuate and call the fire brigade.

No smoking policy

The bane of many landlords and housing managers are tenants who smoke in their own properties.

While it can seem impossible to implement this, a contractor like MM Electrical near London will always recommend displaying clear ‘No Smoking’ signs in each property, each tenancy agreement and in communal areas. So, if something does happen due to a tenant smoking, you will not be held legally responsible.

Evacuation plan

Each property should have a clearly displayed evacuation plan in the event of a fire; once again, you should display this in each property, in communal areas and it should be attached to every tenancy agreement. That way, your tenants will know where to go in the event of a fire and everyone should get out of the property safely. Now that’s putting safety first!


As a property manager, you are responsible for making sure that any issues with gas, electrical appliances or smoke detectors are fixed promptly.

Neglecting regular maintenance of your property can heighten the risk of a fire and put your tenants at risk. Look to hire a contractor who can fix all of these issues quickly, so your tenants are kept safe in their homes.


If you have undergone fire safety checks in the past, you need to show any paperwork to the fire safety inspector; this will show that you are following safety laws and that your property is safe. This paperwork will also keep your insurance costs lower.