Cardio Machines for Home

Cardio seems easy but it is not an easy workout. It is not considered less than a hell for some people. Cardio is important not only that it improves overall health but it maintains the fitness and increases muscle strength.

There are many cardio equipments used that help you to get the best exercise. They maintain the record of the workout you have done along with your fitness rate.

There are many home cardio exercises machines that help you to lose weight, tone up the body and increases cardiovascular activity. Following are some important and effective cardio machines for home .

  1. Assault Bike

This equipment is best for upper and lower region workout. It provides high intensity workouts. This bike has many upgraded technology that helps you to monitor your performance and rate of achieving your goal.

  1. Assault Air Runner

As it name suggest, running on this machine feels like that you are running on the air. This is a motorized treadmill that runs with the human output and without any electrical support. The best thing about this air-runner is that it is light weighted and have the width of 33 inches. You can move the runner where ever you want to exercise.

With its advanced LCD monitor technology, it records everything like calories, heart rate distance and the amount of time you spent on the equipment.

  1. Schwinn AD6 Air dyne Upright Exercise Bike

This is the best exercise bike for home usage. It has a thick padded seating that will provide you more comfort and it also has six different workout styles. It has wheels that make it more compatible for home usage. It works mainly on the lower body region but it regulates all cardio muscles that increase all muscular strengthening.

  1. Stair Mill

Stair mill is the best lower body exercise machine. It provides intense cardio respiratory workout. This exercise feels like climbing a hill, It is the one exercise that scares the hell out of the trainees.

  1. Rowing Ergometer

Ergometers are the best home equipment. It provides full body workout and the best thing about this exercise is that it does not involve a single muscle but indulge multi joint at the same time. It strengthens cardiovascular health along with building quadriceps, hamstrings, shoulders, arms, glutes and core muscles. You can fold it when you don’t need it. So, these machines are compatible and affordable and does wonders at the same time.

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