Diet and Lifestyle Tips to Reverse Fatty Liver

Fatty liver is one of the most common causes of liver disease in the world, and there is a growing trend. Fatty liver not only increases the burden on the liver, but also triggers cardiovascular problems such as dyslipidemia, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and even liver cancer in serious cases. The best way to eliminate fatty liver is to exercise, this article provides abdominal fat burning 3 tips.

Fatty liver refers to the excessive accumulation of fat in the liver, although the human liver will originally hoard some fat, but if the weight of fat accounts for 5% to 10% of the liver, it will form a fatty liver.

How to tell if you have fatty liver

Diet experts say that there are three signs that will occur successively in people with fatty liver. The first sign is that there are almost no symptoms, no signs of having a fatty liver; the second sign is a protruding abdomen, when a large amount of fat has been stored around the abdominal organs; and the third sign is that excess fat causes insulin impedance, which makes it easy for high blood sugar to occur.

Fatty liver is not only for fat people, but also for thin people. Perhaps many people in Europe and the United States suffer from fatty liver because of obesity, but in Asia, excessive alcohol consumption, or hepatitis caused by fatty liver is not a minority of people, so it is difficult to determine from the appearance of fatty liver, the only way to avoid fatty liver is to do regular ultrasound examination every year.

How to accelerate the metabolism of fat

If you want to eliminate fatty liver, you must first eliminate the source of the disease. Fatty liver occurs when you eat too much delicate starch and oil, so you must reduce the amount of delicate starch and alcohol, especially for those who like to eat late-night snacks, which can easily cause fat accumulation. Excessively sweet fruit is also a factor that increases fat accumulation.

The sweetness of fruits comes from fructose, which cannot be directly converted into energy by the cells, so it will be stored in the liver first. It is recommended that fruits should not be eaten at night, nor can they replace dinner. The best time to consume fruits is during the morning tea time between breakfast and lunch, and the afternoon tea time between lunch and dinner.

In addition, some people have fatty liver due to medication problems, they must stop the medication first, and those who are too obese should lose weight first to lower the fat in the blood, followed by strengthening fat metabolism.

Strengthen the fat metabolism only one trick, is to exercise, especially with sweating exercise, such as aerobic exercise, fast walking or jogging will really metabolize these fats.

3 Exercise to Accelerate Fat Burning

1. Exercise intensity

The optimal number of steps to walk in a day is 8,000, but if you are using the speed of walking is also not achieving the purpose of fat burning. Slightly sweaty is the best state, you can through the fast walking, walking slope or stride three ways, increase muscle force and then burn fat.

2. Exercise time

The best 20 minutes each time, or several times a day add up to 20 minutes, more than three times a week to do the best.

3. Muscle building and fat burning

To enhance the metabolic rate to burn fat in the fatty liver, the best way to increase muscle mass, because muscle training can increase the growth hormone and adrenaline to accelerate the breakdown of body fat. The largest muscle in the human body is the gluteus and quadriceps of the lower limbs. Amber suggests doing more deep squats, hard lifts, and hip thrusts to increase the muscle mass of these two areas.

People who want to advance in exercise can also use the following methods to improve their exercise ability. For those who do aerobic exercise, you can gradually increase the duration of exercise, the frequency of exercise, and finally the speed of exercise to improve muscle strength, such as starting with a 25-minute exercise, increasing to 30 minutes, and then increasing from three times a week to four to five times a week, and finally increasing the speed of exercise.

Do gravity training friends, you can follow the number of times, the number of sets and the concept of weight to progressive. Such as squatting weight 20 kilograms, each time to do 8, a total of three groups of people, you can first increase from 8 to 10, 12, three groups increased to four, five groups, and finally to 5% of the step distance to increase the weight, such as 20 kilograms, into 21 kilograms, and gradually increase the difficulty of the challenge themselves.

Drinking black coffee before exercise has been proven to increase fat metabolism during exercise, and drinking more water during exercise can also help the body accelerate circulation and metabolism.

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