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Fed Up With Those Gaps In Your Smile? 5 Of The Best Reasons To Have Dental Implants Fitted

When you have gaps in your smile, smiling for a photo when out and about with friends can feel  nerve-racking.

Smiling is an innate part of human nature and has been linked to success in life, improved mental health and better physical health too. But, it can be hard to smile when you are worried that others will perceive your smile negatively.

Not too long ago, many people relied on fitted bridges and dentures to restore the appearance of their smile but these prostheses often come loose, causing sore spots to form on the gums.

Today, there is a more permanent and reliable solution to improving your smile and that is oral implants. Unlike dentures, oral implants cannot come loose as they are attached to your jaw, so no more worrying about ulcers or sores forming in your mouth!

What are the other advantages of having dental implants in Harley Street or at another dental surgery? Here are the top 5!


While many cosmetic dental procedures have a shorter life, if properly maintained through good oral hygiene and lifestyle choices, dental implants from Harley Street can last up to 40 years!

Not only that, but they are made from high-quality materials, making them immune to common dental issues that natural teeth experience, like tartar, staining or decay.

No restrictions on food

The story of the corn on the cob lover with dentures is an all too common one!

Dentures, while looking the part of real teeth, rarely function as well as real teeth, leading the wearer to alter their diet and only consume soft foods.

With oral implants, wearers are able to eat corn on the cob, bite into hard apples and even tackle that chewy toffee bar without issue!

Better speech

Having a loose object in your mouth is going to impact on your speech.

While there are many dental adhesives on the market that boast about being able to hold dentures in place, often they will come loose, causing a restricted range of movement in the mouth muscles and tongue.

As oral implants cannot come loose, wearers do not have to worry about pulling odd faces or using their tongue to push them back into place; they are immovable and allow the wearer to talk naturally.

Natural feel

Another advantage of oral implants? They feel just like real teeth!

Dentures are designed to sit on top of the gum line and are held in place with a dental adhesive. This, while visually appealing, does not provide the correct feeling associated with biting or chewing food, leaving the wearer with an incorrect bite.

Implants are fitted to the jawbone and allow a more realistic feel, strengthening the bite and enabling better chewing habits.


The implant itself is incredibly hardy.

Made from titanium and fitted to the jaw, it can support a full set of dentures with ease, while also being able to withstand the daily impacts one may encounter; perfect for people who regularly play contact sports!