Dental Care

A Permanent Solution

As is often with dental treatments, there is a life expectancy to the process demanding that patients replace their treatment materials, or have the treatment done again after a certain period of time.

Sometimes, general wear and tear can break a crown or a filling can fall out.  It is critical that these are repaired as soon as possible to maintain the health of those teeth.  Other cosmetic solutions such as veneers will last for a decade or more, which is great, however; they must be replaced once they begin to wear down or chip off, not only for aesthetic purposes, but to protect the exposed tooth as well.

Many individuals do not account for these incidents and when they occur they are faced with costly extras.  It is important that a dentist discuss these potential limitations when they are offering any dental treatment, whether it is restorative, cosmetic or preventive.

Dental implants in St John’s Wood are a little different. Although they cannot be guaranteed for a lifetime, although they often last that long, several decades can be assured should the individual remain relatively healthy.

Who are they for?

This is why this treatment is so popular amongst both the young and old who have lost one or some of their teeth.  People who have lost a tooth by accident during a fall or sporting injury may feel like they have post a part of themselves.

Particularly if the tooth lost was a very visible one, people can lose a lot of confidence in their smile having lost a tooth.  By using this permanent treatment plan, people can have their tooth replaced in a way that can maintain the integral structure of the teeth and jaw, and they also don’t need to worry about their new tooth for many decades.

Older individuals who want to benefit from a more carefree way to smile, and enjoy eating and laughing without worrying about their dentures slipping out, can know that this treatment will last for a lifetime.

A small investment made now can result in a permanent and positive impact on their lives, where they can enjoy the freedom that secured dentures or permanent replacement teeth can provide.

How does it work?

By using innovative technology, dentists can place a titanium rod into a specifically identified area that will ensure that the patient experiences the most comfort and the least amount of healing time.  This has vastly improved the success rate as dentists can be assured knowing they have the placement of the implant in the best possible place.

The materials used are of the highest quality and this also ensures maximum comfort and satisfaction. Titanium is used as it naturally fuses with bone, creating the lasting structure that can guarantee decades of use should the implant be a success.

By speaking to a dentist about the vast range of options that are available to suit many different needs, individuals can understand why having this treatment done can be beneficial for a lifetime.

A healthy smile can do more for a person than simply providing full functionality of the teeth and jaw. It is important to feel good about oneself as well, for an overall sense of improved wellbeing.